_high_times_singles_1992-2006 バンドスコア High Times: Singles 1992-2006 (2007/05/27) 

ピアノとボーカル、ギターだけだが、ジャミロクワイのグレイテストヒッツアルバムHigh Times: Singles 1992-2006にあわせてイギリスのFaber Musicからバンドスコアが発売された。Runaway、Radioを含めた19曲全てのスコアが収録されている。


1. When You Gonna Learn (Emergency From Planet Earth)
2. Too Young To Die (Emergency From Planet Earth)
3. Blow Your Mind (Emergency From Planet Earth)
4. Emergency On Planet Earth (Emergency From Planet Earth)
5. Space Cowboy (The Return Of The Space Cowboy)
6. Virtual Insanity (Travelling Without Moving)
7. Cosmic Girl (Travelling Without Moving)
8. Alright (Travelling Without Moving)
9. High Times (Travelling Without Moving)
10. Deeper Underground
11. Canned Heat (Synkronized)
12. Little L (A Funk Odyssey)
13. Love Foolosophy (A Funk Odyssey)
14. Corner Of The Earth (A Funk Odyssey)
15. Feels Just Like It Should (Dynamite)
16. 7 Days In Sunny June (Dynamite)
17. (Don't) Give Hate A Chance (Dynamite)
18. Runaway (new track)
19. Radio (unreleased track)

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Emergency on planet earth The return of the space cowboy Travelling without moving Synkronised
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